- Hello there -

The inspired talent behind designs|made|visual, is me, Chantelle Willock, a wife and a mama to four wonderful children (two of my most challenging yet most rewarding privileges).

As a child, I drew in all the empty spaces of my homework, illustrated home-made comics and created my own greeting cards for friends and family. I have been passionate about art since as long as I can remember and I have always desired to share my love and passion with anyone I could. I knew it was something I wanted to pursue.  This journey took me to George Brown College to study Graphic Design and then later worked in the industry, but something seemed to be missing.

From this designs|made|visual was born, an opportunity for the world to discover who I am through my artistic lenses. Through various mediums I bring to you unique experiences and expressions that come to life and convey my clients thoughts, dreams and desires.

Being a professional designer is quite an honour. Not only do I get a chance to work with a variety of amazing people, but I also get to help make their visions come true. Using my skill as a visual designer opens me up to a colourful life of endless possibilities.

Together, we can create something beautiful and impactful to share with the world.