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brand vs. branding vs. brand identity

They all have their own meanings, that are different from each other!


Brand is the distinctive perceptions, ideas, and feelings that someone has about your business.

Your brand is basically what consumers think of you. You want to know what people are thinking about your business because you want to make sure that they are thinking about you in the way that you want them to be thinking about you.

We have a say about how opinions are formulated through our brand and our business because of how we are out there taking action in the world.



Branding is the action-driven process of shaping how and what the consumers have to say and think about your business.

All the steps that you take to build awareness - creating content, creating a reputation around your company, products, processes, services, etc. These are all the action-driven things that formulate the opinion about your brand and business. You want to make sure that people have the opinion that you want them to have and the way to do that is by paying attention to your branding.

If you’re not loving what people are saying about your business or if you’re not getting the type of results that you want, then it’s time to take a look at your branding. Take a look at your services, the way that you’re creating content, your products, your brand’s imagery, your brand’s voice, etc.



Brand identity is the collection of tangible visuals and expressions of your business. For example, your logo, your colors, your fonts, and your brand’s voice.

The more consistent, distinctive, specific, and cohesive your brand identity is the higher your likelihood is of them shaping an impact with your audience. Then you become more memorable and recognizable and this is the perception you’re building.


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